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Tax ’em!

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The Financial Times has a list of 14 reasons why US bankers should be taxed for their outsize bonuses. Both Britain and France have begun to do this.

1. People on Main Street are furious about Wall Street bonuses.

2. This anger is justified because the bonuses are based in large part on windfall profits. These profits derive from taxpayer-backed interventions that stabilised the financial system, paving the way for a  recovery in financial markets and collapse of risk spreads.

3. All banks benefited from this bailout – not just the ones that took or still have Tarp funds. Even the strong gained hugely from Fed liquidity and government actions to ensure none of their weaker counterparties failed (including but by no means limited to the AIG case).

4. In an ideal world, these interventions would have been structured up front in a way that ensured the value created did not leak out to banks and bankers. But they were not.

Written by pavanvan

December 13, 2009 at 8:19 pm