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Blanche Lincoln (Hopefully) to Be Dethroned

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I generally try not to get into the flying circus that is US domestic politics, mostly because it’s all so much political side-show (whereas un-elected, non-public figures – CEOs, The Fed, White House appointees, etc. – usually end up making the real policy), but I think this definitely deserves a mention.

Blanche Lincoln is a “Democratic” senator from Arkansas, and one of the most odious politicians ever to mar our fragile Senate. She voted YES on the Iraq War, YES on the Military Commissions Act (denying due process to anyone deemed a “terrorist”), YES on the Patriot Act (see below), NO on the Employee Free Choice Act,  was one of the major holdouts on the watered-down “health care reform” proposed by President Obama, etc., etc. She’s a bad, bad lady. Needless to say, President Obama supports her re-election.

But there’s hope! (Not, of course, from Obama, who has decidedly retired from the hope business.) No, instead, the AFL-CIO is funding an insurgent campaign on the part of Lt. Governor Bill Halter. Now, I’m sure Mr. Halter has various objects in his closets which may or may not resemble skeletons, but the fact remains that there are very few worse candidates for this seat than the incumbent Ms. Lincoln. Even one of Bill Halter’s hypothetical skeletons would be an improvement. I generally think that voting does nobody any good, but in this case, a dethroning is well in order.

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March 3, 2010 at 8:52 am

Obama Extends Patriot Act

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Say it ain’t so, Barack!

And, of course, the US media can’t be bothered to give this story any more than a couple perfunctory paragraphs. The Times and The Post fail to mention it whatsoever, Reuters gives it a lukewarm 300-word summary, and no one else even tried.

Let’s not forget the serious evidence of systemic abuses within the Patriot Act’s framework. The act has no mechanisms for oversight and no way for anyone to know what the FBI is doing with the massive information to which they now have access.

So in short, President Obama believes in:

Wiretapping any and all American telephones for any reason or no reason at all.

Depriving habeas corpus to anyone he deems a “terrorist”, effectively allowing for indefinite detention, interrogation by torture, and “rendition” to any part of the globe. Also, they don’t get to see a lawyer.

State – sanctioned assassinations (read: murder) of any US citizen he deems to be a “terrorist”.

Suspension of the 4th Amendment, allowing for unlimited searches and seizures without a warrant, including credit records, medical history – pretty much anything they want

Deporting any legal immigrant or citizens accused of “supporting terrorism”.

Ordering FBI surveillance based on how you exercise your First Amendment Rights.

Seizing the Assets of anyone engaging in civil disobedience.