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Prime Minister Ayad Allawi

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I mentioned previously that the Iraq election was a sham not because it was rigged (though it certainly was) but because the Iraqis had to choose between two pro-occupation candidates, Al-Maliki and Allawi.

The vote was inconclusive, but those two candidates were widely trumpeted as the “frontrunners”, and many of our newspapers expressed the US government’s opinion on the matter by claiming Allawi won. But few have very much to say about him, now that the initial excitement is over. To fill the silence, I wanted to point out a curious fact about him that Ron Suskind revealed in his latest book, The Way of the World.

Apparently Allawi was involved in the manufacture of false evidence connecting Saddam to 9/11. He was at the CIA headquarters immediately before President Bush gave the order to the CIA to “manufacture evidence” that Al-Qaeda had training camps in Iraq. I cannot dismiss the coincidence of a major Iraqi politician meeting with the CIA immediately before they set to work manufacturing evidence. On some level at least, Allawi was a collaborator.

And he still is.


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April 18, 2010 at 10:46 pm

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