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WikiLeaks Plans to Reveal Pentagon Cover-Up of Massacre

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Wikileaks, a whistle-blower site where anyone can safely and anonymously reveal classified documents, has been the victim of an international campaign on the part of several governments to destroy it. Spearheaded by the US and the Pentagon, the governments of the world have much reason to see this site go down. Recently, Wikileaks revealed documents which detail the Pentagon and CIA’s extensive propaganda activities in the US and Europe.

Today, Alternet reports that Wikileaks plans to reveal a video that conclusively shows a cover-up at the highest levels of the Pentagon to conceal a massacre that occurred on their watch. Naturally, our intelligence agencies are going to extreme lengths to prevent this from happening:

In a recent editorial that was later scrubbed, WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange claimed WikiLeaks is under fire from American and international intelligence agencies angered by his site’s oversharing of the global village’s dark political and financial secrets, and that they are responding with harassment, surveillance, unnecessary detention and worse.

“We’ve become used to the level of security service interest in us and have established procedures to ignore that interest,” Assange wrote in the editorial. “But the increase in surveillance activities this last month, in a time when we are barely publishing due to fundraising, are excessive.”

One cannot overstate the value of an organization such as WikiLeaks at a time when investigative journalism is dying and government secrecy is as an all-time high. The ‘war on terror’ has managed to convince much of the public that government secrecy is not only unnecessary, it may even be dangerous (“putting our troops at risk”), while both the CIA and the Pentagon have engaged in massive propaganda offensives with nearly every mainstream outlet in complicity.  In such a media landscape, Wikileaks plays a role too important to estimate. Its video detailing the Pentagon massacre comes out on April 5th.


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April 3, 2010 at 6:15 pm

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