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Second Anti-Government Terrorist Attack in 2 weeks

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We had another attack by a crazed anti…Obamaite? I guess? He was angry about the “expansion of government”, suspicious over the truth about 9/11, wished to reveal the truth about the “September 11th demolitions”, etc. I think there can be no doubt that the recent rise of the “paranoid style” in American politics, as exemplified by Mr. Beck and Ms. Palin has something to do with this  – and please, read a transcript of Ms. Palin’s “Tea Party” speech, wherein she harangues Mr. Obama for forty-five minutes, accusing him of every crime under the sun , except the ones he actually committed – calling him a tyrant, a usurper, a dictator, etc. before ending her speech with, and I’m not making this up, “I will fight for my country – I will die for my country!” It looks as though some of her followers may have taken those words to heart.

Needless to say the media consensus is that these were not “Terrorist” acts, but merely crimes comitted by confused Americans. “Terrorists”, as Glenn Greenwald explains, are exclusively Arab and/or Muslim. As he reveals, Newsweek‘s Managing Editor, Kathy Jones, even codified it into a “handy guide”:

Did the label terrorist ever successfully stick to McVeigh? Or the Unabomber? Or any of the IRS bombers in our violence list?

Here is my handy guide:

Lone wolfish American attacker who sees gov’t as threat to personal freedom: bomber, tax protester, survivalist, separatist

Group of Americans bombing/kidnapping to protest U.S. policies on war/poverty/personal freedom/ – radical left-wing movement, right-wing separatists

All foreign groups or foreign individuals bombing/shooting to protest American gov’t: terrorists.

So “terrorists” are, by definition, not Americans. But whatever you wish to call it, I do predict we see an increase in the incidence of this sort of thing. America is a big country, and I don’t think all 300 million of us will be subjected to this every day like, oh, say, the Iraqis were – however, people are furious at what our elected officials allowed to happen and are still allowing to happen. While President Obama may not be personally responsible for these things, the system which he heads is responsible, and he’s done nothing to change that. So the anger, at least, is justified.

These attacks do not bode well for our civil liberties, and let us not forget, President Obama has all the new powers President Bush gave himself – including the power to declare martial law at will.

Now I sound like a Tea Party protester myself! Their ideology is attractive and flawed. A discussion for another day, I suppose.


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March 5, 2010 at 11:48 pm

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