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Light posting today as I’m out on assignment – but in the meantime, check out this post on Washington’s blog for your reading pleasure: Is the Web Making Us Passive?

Indeed, the passivity-inducing potential of the Internet will probably increase in the future.

Specifically, in the coming years, the web will almost certainly be 3-D.

Moreover, it will likely become a multimedia experience, including virtual reality body suits (or at least headgear), smell and perhaps even taste (indeed, since there are only 5 tastes but thousands of different smells, it should be much easier to recreate virtual tastes than smells).

If the current Web is already allowing us to blow off the steam which we would otherwise channel into social protest, can you imagine how much more so in a 3-D, multi-media, full immersion internet? For in that type of virtual environment, we could go attend virtual protests complete with sights, sounds, smells and physical sensation, and our brain could be reasonably well tricked into thinking we really did it, thus taking all of the wind out of our sails and the fire out of our gut.

All of us – even political writers and filmmakers- need to guard against settling for virtual victories. We have to get out there and engage in real action in the “real world” as well, and to guard against a dystopian Matrix-like future where the virtual reality is wonderful but the real world is a nightmare.


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February 22, 2010 at 10:06 pm

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