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Chinese Whistleblower Sentenced to Forced-Labor

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From the inimitable Epoch Times:

Sun Xiaodi, an environmental activist who exposed radioactive contamination of the Yangtze River, was sentenced to a forced labor camp along with his daughter. Groups supporting human rights in China are protesting the sentences.

Sun had worked as a warehouse manager at the No. 792 Uranium Mine in Gansu Province. When he became aware that the mine was discharging radioactive material directly into the Yangtze River, he spent more that a decade trying to expose the problem, according to Civil Rights and Livelihood Watch (CRLW) in China.

Sun was able to meet with foreign journalists in June 2004 to describe the environmental degradation that was occurring and provide them with relevant materials and photos of the mine. He has been under constant surveillance for his activities over the years and has been detained several times.

I suppose I need not mention that none of the American mainstream presses bothered to carry this story. Over the past few years, American newspaper readers have seen far less criticism of China’s internally repressive policies. Two years ago we had the Lead Paint Scandal and a year ago the Tainted Milk Scandal, but these were business scandals, not political. Likewise, the Tibet issue, which the American press often denounces, is a case of external repression, not internal. About the long-suffering Falun Gong or the various political pogroms which occur in China on a terrifying scale, the West hears very little. But then one can see why – as our largest creditors, we can scarce afford to rouse the money-dragon.


Written by pavanvan

January 31, 2010 at 2:13 pm

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