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Tony Blair Grilled on Iraq

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Poor Mr. Blair. Deceived into a war he wanted nothing to do with, too weak and conciliatory to point out a bad idea when he saw it, a veritable Sancho Panza to our dear Bush’s Quixote, he finds himself the subject of an intense series of questions on the Iraq War. By now everyone knows that the original rationales (WMDs, “evil tyrants”, etc.) were mostly lies, and it is now Mr. Blair’s unhappy task to try and justify his slavish devotion to Mr. Bush, seven years after the fact.

Mr. Blair acknowledged that the nature of the Iraqi regime sharpened his perception of Saddam Hussein as a threat not just to the region but to Britain. Calling Mr. Hussein a “probably wicked if not psychopathic man,” Mr. Blair said that if he had been able to pursue a program to develop weapons of mass destruction “at some point we were going to be involved in the consequences of that.”

And so you were, my good sir – so you were.

What’s striking about these hearings is how far removed they seem from American discourse. Witness for instance, the protesters marching outside:

Mr. Blair entered the inquiry building two hours before the scheduled start of hearings in a cramped committee room, using a cordoned-off rear entrance. Demonstrators, outnumbered by police, chanted slogans like “Jail Tony” and “Blair Lied — Thousands Died.”

“We haven’t come here expecting an apology,” one protester, Gary Walker, 31, said, “But it’s important to show seven years on that people still care about the illegal war.”

We in America have moved far from such sentiments, and one cannot help but feel the public just wishes this issue would go away.

The hearings are scheduled all week and they present, at the very least, a humane reaction to an inhumane enterprise.

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January 29, 2010 at 6:36 pm

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