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Tony Blair Being Grilled – liveblog

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Read it at the Guardian.

Some highlights:

2.09pm: Lyne asks about the post-conflict preparations.

Did Bush offer to “go it alone”?

Blair says that at one point, before the Commons debate, Bush said that he would understand if Britain could not join the war.

But Blair thought it was right to go to war.

In the EU, 13 out of 25 members were with America. Japan and South Korea were with America.

Lyne says it was a difficult situtation.

Blair replies:

It was a really tough situation … My judgment, ultimately, was that Saddam was going to remain a threat …. We had been down a UN path that I genuinely thought would work.

Lyne asks about the “plan B” floated by Jack Straw. That would have involved partial military involvement.

Blair says this was a “possibility”. But the military “to their credit” wanted to be full involved.

Blair says:

It would have been a very big thing for us to have kept out of the aftermath as well.

Lyne suggests that, if Britain had not been involved in the invasion, it might have been easier for Britain to send troops into the aftermath.

Blair says deciding to do “option 3” – the full military involvement – was seen as the best option militarily and politically.

If Britain had pulled back, it would not have indicated the strength of support that Blair thought it was right for Britain to exhibit.


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