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Girl in Haiti Rescued after 15 Days Underground!

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I find rare occasion to praise The Washington Post, so let me take this opportunity to congratulate them on an excellent story out of Haiti. Would that their domestic coverage was this evocative!

The girl was taking a shower on January 12th when the earthquake happened, and she had been trapped ever since. It’s unclear how she survived – at the very least she must have had some water over these 15 days. The Post’s description of the rescue is quite well done:

After 30 minutes, Luc could see Darline, pinned beneath a piece of metal. He lifted his head and called in Creole to the crowd, by then numbering about 50, “Give me something sweet!”

People passed a peppermint and packets of sugar down to Luc, who handed them to the girl.

Luc then asked the girl her name. She said that it was Darline and that she had been taking a shower at 5 p.m. Jan. 12 when the 7.0-magnitude earthquake brought her house down.

“Please help me,” she told him.

As people heard the name, they spread it from one bystander to another in the growing crowd: “It’s Darline, it’s Darline.”


Written by pavanvan

January 28, 2010 at 3:33 pm

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