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Don’t care. The health care bill is already stripped of anything one could call “reform”, and I’m unsure how this Brown fellow can mess it up anymore. What, is he going to add a public option? Ha. Remove the individual mandate? Obviousy not. And they can’t cut many more of the subsidies, since the whole thing falls apart if the majority of uninsured can’t afford the mandate. Forcing people to buy something they can’t afford sounds like a good recipe for civil disobedience, something which our ruling party hardly desires. I think it’s pretty clear the health-care bill will eventually pass in something resembling its current form.

I hadn’t heard of Martha Coakley nor the victorious Mr. Brown before last week, and for all the spotlight this Massachusetts race has drawn, in two months they’ll likely both sink back into obscurity.

Written by pavanvan

January 20, 2010 at 9:55 pm

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