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Our former masters, the British across the sea, have recently pledged their undying support for our “interests” in Yemen.  Prime Minister Brown gave a spirited performance, tarring Yemen as a “failing state” and pledging UK support for pretty much whatever the US decides to do.  One feels faint surprise that the history of the past decade, the blood still flowing in Iraq and Afghanistan, has failed to make a sufficient impression upon him.

Well, then – let’s see what kind of ancillary slop Mr. Brown has for us this go-round.

Have at it, Brownie!

“Yemen has been recognised, like Somalia, to be one of the areas where… we’ve got to do more,” he said.

Ah, that’s it Do more! Vague, yet direct. What we must do, is of course left unsaid, but we would be remiss in doubting our fighting boys’ ability to get it (whatever it may be) well and thoroughly done.

“And of course it’s… how we can prevent the perversion of a good religion, Islam, by a group of people who will stop at nothing in a murderous ideology that tries to create a caliphate, tries to create the sense that everybody is an enemy except those people who believe in a particular version of Islam.”

Yes, my dear sir Brown, how indeed! Perhaps we might consider ceasing our bombardment of no less than five Islamic countries (Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen, Somalia, Pakistan), actions which are widely acknowledged as a catalyst for  terrorism. Or, you know,  perhaps you might take a look at the oft-quoted study which concludes that terrorism has seen a seven-fold increase since the beginning of our war against it.  (With such a record, one wishes for a “war on equality”). What are your suggestions, Mr. Brown?

“So it’s strengthening counter-terrorism co-operation, it’s working harder on the intelligence efforts.

That sounds just vague enough to work!


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January 4, 2010 at 6:13 pm

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