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A dark patch in our media’s otherwise cheery coverage of the economy. After three weeks of exultation over Bernake’s re-appointment (even from administration critic Paul Krugman!), endless blather over so-called “green shoots”, and an outright declaration from the Dallas Fed Chief that “The Recession is Over”, our Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation announced it is down to its last $10 Billion. 20% of their funds were reportedly wiped out this quarter alone, bringing them back to early ’90s levels.

The wave of small and mid-level bank failures has not yet abated, though it receives far less coverage than it once did. Here is the FDIC list of failed banks in its stewardship. You will notice a majority failed this year.

If this trend does not reverse quickly, the FDIC will the likely require a government cash infusion. Our wheel of bailouts has come full circle.

In particular, this development throws new light on President Obama’s re-appointment of Ben Bernanke for Fed Chief. The administration would have us believe Bernanke acted “boldly” to “rescue the economy from another Great Depression”, but actual signs of recovery are hard to see. Unemployment still skyrockets (though not with such horrifying swiftness as it did earlier this year), and the banking crisis has clearly not been solved.

Bernanke was also in a leadership position all throughout the run-up to the crisis. He did nothing to stop it, and even tried to convince us not to worry. He repeatedly claimed the subprime issue would not threaten housing in general –  and certainly not the economy as a whole. How quaint such comments seem after all this devastation!

Bernanke may have a very dubious record of public governance, but he has an excellent record of corporate “partnership”. The net effect of his actions since the crisis has been to secure the fortunes of a very few at the expense of our public coffers. It is then not surprising that the corporate world viewed his nomination with great jubilation. Google the words “Bernanke” and “Reassure” together to get a picture of how true this is.

And if there is one thing we can say of President Obama, it is that he has the financial sector’s interests in mind.


Written by pavanvan

August 27, 2009 at 11:19 pm

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  1. […] has an excellent graph showing the FDIC’s wiped-out reserves, which I alluded to in a previous post. Here is the graph, re-posted with due respect: Disappearing FDIC […]

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